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Aerial Photography Services in Hampshire

Drone Photography in Hampshire


Higher Aerials has offered aerial photography services in Hampshire and the South of the UK for several years.


Offering aerial services in the UK for small business, corporate, estate agents (commercial and domestic real estate), TV and Film production. Whilst our drone photography services business is based in Hampshire, we serve businesses and clients across the UK.

CAA Approved Drone Training


Pilots at Higher Aerials are all required to be CAA approved drone pilots and fully insured, ensuring they are ready for commercial drone operations within the current UK approved regulations framework.


Pilots have received intense professional UAV training and are required to maintain their flight proficiency through regular flights. Drone training instructs pilots on how to fly their aircraft safely within it’s limitations, emergency procedures, and perform risk assessments for each flight.

Property Photography in Hampshire


In recent years, the UK Residential and Commercial property market have benefited from growth, which has resulted in higher competition. Higher Aerials offers real estate photography to support property businesses with marketing, selling and creating their online portfolio.


Higher Aerials has offered real estate drone photography services in Hampshire and the South of the UK for several years. We have worked on aerial photography and ground based photography for estate agents and property developers across the United Kingdom.


Our commercial and residential aerial photography services are offered as packages to suit the business we are engaging with, please follow the link to our Packages page below.


Aerial Filming in Hampshire


In addition to offering aerial photography services in Hampshire (and the UK), we have extensive experience of working with TV and video production companies to offer commercial drone filming services across Hampshire and the rest of the UK.


Higher Aerials are experienced delivering an end to end service, arriving on location (prepped with plans and sign offs), aerial filming and drone photography, stabilised camera operation, and post production services.


Be sure to check out the rest of what Higher Aerials has to offer beyond aerial photography, on our services page.

High Resolution

All of our drones are capable of capturing 4K and HD footage, Including RAW film/ photography for the highest quality output.


Higher Aerials invests in the latest aerial technology, ensuring safety is our highest priority across all our client projects, and staying informed of the latest regulations.

Flight Time

At every project, we ensure we have a large supply of batteries onsite to ensure downtime is limited. Our drones can operate up to 20+ minutes per flight.

Liability Insurance

As standard we operate with £2 million aviation public liability insurance with worldwide cover.


As experienced film and photography professionals outputs are guaranteed to be edited to very high standards.

Risk Assessment

Ahead of any project, Higher Aerials carries out a desktop and on-site risk assessment to ensure the project proceeds within agreed safety requirements.


Who is this suitable for?

Aerial Photography Services


Our aerial photography services are suited for any business looking to capture high quality photography of their product or service to support their marketing efforts.


We are able to offer packages suitable for small businesses and large corporates. Drone photography and real estate are an ideal pairing, showcasing property using aerial photography gives portfolios an additional perspective.

Do you only offer aerial photography services in Hampshire?

Drone Photography in Hampshire


Whilst our team is based in Hampshire, we regularly work with clients across the UK. We’ve captured aerial photography for businesses across the UK in real estate, corporate, leisure, not for profit and sports industries.


We have even supported clients on projects overseas, delivering aerial photography services according to foreign regulations.


If you have a specific location in mind, please get in contact with us.

Do you also do interior property photography with property drone photography?

Commercial & Residential


As part of our ongoing services we are able to offer property photography for estate agents and property developers. Giving you the full package of aerial drone photography of the property including interiors to match.

Do you offer aerial property surveys and inspections?

Commercial & Residential.


Of course, we regularly support many of our clients looking to carry out a regular inspection for their property or portfolio of properties.


We work with the client to deliver a survey of their commercial or residential properties, whether it is for a regularly scheduled inspection or one-off assessment.

Are you able to edit footage for a professional look and finish?

We want your product to look its best, and that requires post-production. Our team offers post production services for filming and photography to edit existing or new content.


Our film post production process is ideal for clients wanting to create a film to a set timeline, or a specific format/ platform including social media platforms (ie: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc)


Our team will include your own branded graphics, licensed music for a cinematic finish (commercial music sourced at an additional cost).

Do you only offer aerial photography?

Aerial Filming Services


We regularly pair our drone photography services with commercial drone filming for clients looking for both filming and photography. But we do offer aerial filming services as a standalone service too (see our services page below).

Are you able to edit property footage and images to look their best?

Our team are able to create a finished product for clients, including colour graded footage and imagery for a professional finish. The end product will have your company branding/ logos and appropriately paired music track.


All outputs are prepared ready for platforms such YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and property portals such as RightMove and Zoopla.

What is it you can offer estate agents?

Clients come to us to update their portfolio with aerial photography and film of your Commercial or Residential property. We are able to capture high quality imagery from ground level to 400ft, giving your clients a current and accurate layout of your property.


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