Terms of Use


There are no geographic limitations and no time limitations. You may use our footage without putting restrictions on your film. Footage provided by dronestockfootage.co.uk may only be used with express permission from BeAdventurous/ Higher Aerials. The user obtaining footage from BeAdventurous/ Higher Aerials accepts the terms put forth in the agreement between the user and BeAdventurous/ Higher Aerials. The terms of this agreement are as follows:


1 Use of footage


The user/purchaser buys limited rights only for use of the footage. The copyright remains with BeAdventurous/ Higher Aerials. The right to use footage is granted only after ordering the footage, receipt of an invoice from BeAdventurous/ Higher Aerials which serves as confirmation of the order, and the full payment of the invoice.  The rights of use are limited to one project. A project can only result in a single movie or program. Exception is granted if the material is used in a vignette or in a series.  Material can be used in up to one season under these conditions. The rights of use include publishing in the media selected at purchase.For reuse of footage, BeAdventurous/ Higher Aerials must contacted and a new arrangement made for additional use of the footage before the publication takes place.


2 Exceptions to usage rights (Restrictions)


The user may not use the footage in any way that may be offensive or slanderous to the person or persons involved or indicated in the footage.


3 Transfer of rights of use


Image user may not transfer user’s rights to any another person or entity.


4 Cancellation


Purchase of footage rights which have not been used publicly can be cancelled within 30 days of purchase. With cancellation, the buyer is only obliged to pay half of the purchase price to BeAdventurous/ Higher Aerials and may not use the picture thereafter.


5 Payment


Request for payment for digital products usage is made directly on the site via your chosen payment method. comes via invoice.


6 Penalty for non-compliance with agreement


Image User is obligated to pay a fine of five times (5x) the cost of acquisition from dronestockfootage.co.uk of the footage usage rights, if the footage is used before or without permission being granted, full payment is made and/or if the footage is used which is otherwise prohibited (see #2).


7 Disputes


Disputes with this agreement will be resolved within the English legal system.