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Higher Aerials.


Drones are proving to be one of the most adaptable technologies of the decade, as use for these devices continue to be discovered and expanded upon.


At Higher Aerials we have used drone platforms in Commercial FilmingSite Survey and Aerial Photography industries. Each has it’s own technical challenges to overcome, however we bring together technical insights derived from our experience paired with strong visual aesthetics. We ensure the final product is technically representative of the brief, but also of the highest visual quality.

What We Do

Commercial Filming

Higher Aerials has experience shooting for high end video productions using a combination of both aerial platforms and stabilised filming equipment.

Drone Surveys

Higher Aerials have the ability to survey commercial and residential properties, whether it is for a regularly scheduled inspection or one-off assessment.

Stock Video & Photography

Higher Aerials can provide both Film & Photos for licensing for every need that you have. We are always adding new content to our inventory.

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