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Our Process

1/ Enquiry

Get in touch and tell us about your project, the more information the better. We’ll complete the necessary Project Briefing Form to help inform the project right from the start.

2/ Pre-Site Assessment

Drone usage within UK airspace requires safety precautions to be applied to any site we are due to operate on. Ahead of the project we are able to undertake a pre-site assessment, via desktop research, not requiring us to visit the location but establish the following:


  • No fly zones
  • Site location
  • Local air traffic control
  • Land ownership
  • Establish safe take off zones
  • Public risk assessment


Higher Aerials will put together a scheduled plan based on the above information, and get your project in the calendar.

3/ Pre-Flight Check

Ahead of the allocated project dates we monitor the flight conditions, such as weather and events occurring around the site.


In addition, flight gear and drones are flight and safety tested to ensure optimal performance during the project.

4/ On-Site Assessment

Upon arriving on location an initial site assessment is performed and the pre-site assessment (2) is updated to reflect any risks or changes to the site not flagged in step 2.


Safe take off zones are established on site, a secondary recovery site marked and final safety markers set up for public safety.


A briefing will take place ahead of every flight to inform the client and any additional personnel on site during the flight.

5/ Film

During the project we will fly in 20 minute slots (based on average battery life) and fly a set number of routes/ shots based on the type of project.


We will provide sufficient batteries for the project and capture high quality 4K raw and high resolution imagery, as required.


Filming, Photography, Property, Surveys, Inspections, Stock and Events