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Saved by a Drone

Drone makers – DJI and the European Emergency Number Association (EENA) have been working on a project and shared this film with the world demonstrating how they have been collaborating for two years to understand how drone technology can be applied to the context of public safety organisations.

This film shares their successful drone-assisted rescue mission in Iceland.


In the Film

We start off by meeting survivor, Lukasz Gorczynski, who explains travelling to Iceland has always been a dream of his.

Once in Iceland, Lukasz and his fellow survivor lost their way in the mountains and quickly called the local Icelandic Search and Rescue (SAR) for help.

The SAR team employed a DJI Phantom 4, because as they say, every minute counts. And when the survivors were eventually found over 2km away at an elevation of 370 metres, it was clear the drone had done it’s job to narrow down search time and pinpoint the survivor’s location.

The drone then helps to pick the right route down for both survivors and SAR team.

Press Release

Read the full press release from EENA here.