CAA Approved  |  Fully Insured  | PFCO Holder

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  • Cost per Building, Field etc
  • Free Consultation
  • Site planning, Pre-flight preparation, Logistics*
  • Up to 3hrs on Site
  • Up to 40mins flight time**
  • (Prices exclude VAT)


  • Raw 4K footage

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  • Cost per Building, Field etc
  • Free Consultation
  • Site planning, Pre-flight preparation, Logistics*
  • Up to 1.5hrs on Site
  • Up to 20mins flight time**
  • (Prices exclude VAT)


  • Raw 4K footage


Booking Notes

* Logistics: Some locations require additional permits to carry out drone flights – The additional cost will be added to the final invoice.

** Flight Time: Available time in the air is dependent on weather conditions. (Where possible we will ensure sufficient aerial coverage for the survey)

– Travel: Mileage charge (£0.45/mile) will apply outside of the Southampton area.

Project Extras

[qode_pricing_list][qode_pricing_list_item title=”Additional Flights” price=”£75″ text=”Up to 10min of un-edited video or Up to 10 up-edited photos”][qode_pricing_list_item title=”Photo Editing” price=”£50″ text=”High Quality professional photo editing and export”][qode_pricing_list_item title=”Video Editing” price=”£25″ text=”Professional Video Editing; Price per 1/4 hour (Average time: 2.5hrs (£250))”][qode_pricing_list_item title=”Media Rights” price=”£150″ text=”All rights to produced media transferred to the client.”][/qode_pricing_list]


Commercial Property

We have the ability to survey commercial properties, whether it is for a regularly scheduled inspection or one-off assessment. Drone surveys provide an in-expensive alternative to scaffolding or cherry-pickers for large scale or difficult to access sites.

Drone Surveys

We use the latest drone technology capable of capturing high definition 4K video footage and high quality imagery of your property. You will be able to see immediate video feedback from the drone, and receive 4K footage after the project to review at any time.

Residential Property

Drone surveys can provide peace of mind and added insight into the condition of a new home. Have your own record which you can view anytime before undertaking the expensive process of erecting scaffolding etc.


Before all projects we conduct a free consultation to understand the site or building involved. If additional permits** are required to undertake the survey, we will acquire these.


After the project is completed, the client will receive the raw 4K footage that is captured during the survey enabling them to review as and when they please. (If additional photography is required, please let us know)

CAA Qualified

All our pilots are required to be CAA Qualified (Civil Aviation Authority) and abide by the Air Navigation Order.


Flight logs are recorded before every flight and on-site precautions are put in place.



On-site safety and during drone flight is extremely important to us.


As part of any consultation process we access the site and any risks prior to any flight and take the appropriate precautions.


If it’s a Commercial or Residential Drone Survey, book with us.

Visual Record

4K High Definition Video


With every survey, we are able to provide clients with high quality (4K) video footage of the structure and reach areas that would traditionally be expensive or difficult to inspect.

At the end of the project the client is sent their own version of the 4K video for their records, and to inspect the structure as needed.


Benefit: This is especially useful when a roof is unsound. A drone survey can be useful to assess the structure prior to booking in scaffolding, and give a clearer view to you the client.


Here are some of our previous clients who booked with us.