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There are drone flights and then there’s this type of monumental flight.

Drone pilot, Paul Nurkkala, recently won 1st place at the Los Angeles Drone Film Festival. Check out the winning film below, where he cheekily navigates bridges, trains, carriages and hills.


Paul said of the win:

I had the opportunity to travel out to Los Angeles to compete in and learn from the Los Angeles Drone Film Festival. I took first place in the FPV category, and I think I gave “video of the year” a run for it’s money with “Flight of the Year”, which is the video that won. I met a lot of excellent people there, and I was challenged to continue thinking about how I can be doing filmmaking with drones. I’m very excited about the future of what is going to be possible, and I can’t wait to see what 2018 will hold for me and for the community.

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