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Aerial Filming across the world


We’ve been busy over the last year, working with aerial filming and drone photography projects for a variety of clients. Higher Aerials have been producing commercial aerial filming, post production and distribution for our clients – helping them to tell their story, and supporting their vision with high quality content. Featured in this compilation are […]

+1Million Views


Quite often we share the fruits of our labour online, either on Instagram or other social media channels. Recently we have taken to share our images with our followers on Unsplash. Making those images available to anyone to use in their projects as they see fit. +1Million Views Last week, we surpassed a milestone on […]

Drone World Record


It’s a drone world record!   As every drone pilot out there knows, battery life is a constant struggle, but could that be a problem of the past? This is the news that the Spanish drone manufacturer, Quaternium, have recorded the longest flight ever performed by a self powered multi-rotor UAV. The flight was officially recorded on […]