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‘Say Hello to Tello’…

This new £99 ($130) drone from Ryze boasts the ability to perform flying stunts, shoot quick videos with EZ Shots, and learn about drones with coding education.

New Drone Alert

Yep that last bit caught us unaware too. the ability to add code to your drone. What does that mean?

The launch video gives us a hint of what that could be. It demonstrates the ability to sync multiple drones in that way Intel synched up 500 drones to fly in formation.

Watch the Tello video here:


Ryze is a drone start-up company who teamed up with DJI and Intel to create Tello. This new drone was developed to be fun and engaging for kids and interested adults. This easy-to-fly UAV is controlled with an app, and it offers a feature that are unseen in drones at this price range.

Engineers at Ryze created this drone so that even kids can code it with an MIT-developed system called Scratch.

Tello Features

Similar to other toy drones, Tello can do flips, but it can be coded to do multiple flips with one command using Scratch. To get this UAV started, all one has to do is toss the 80 gram drone into the air. The top of Tello’s shell is detachable, so it can be customised. Compatibility with select third-party remote controllers and VR headset allows Tello to be flown like a video game.

Read the full press release here



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