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Latest Leaked Photos of the DJI Phantom 5


Latest Leaked Photos of the DJI Phantom 5 Rumours follow DJI drones faster than the drones themselves. It feels barely any time since both the DJI Phantom 4 and Pro were released, but here we are with the latest leaked photos of the DJI Phantom 5 (apparently). There has been a lot of speculation around […]

Hot Pick: April 2018


Summer is right around the corner and we’re already seeing incredible drone photos coming in from across the world.   Hot Pick Here are this month’s hot pick April 2018, be sure to check out last month’s too.   Cruise control 🚢 . Feels like forever waiting for the ferry to come into composition, especially […]

What exactly is the Mavic Air?


DJI are at it again. This product launch is even more cryptic than anything before. Adventure Unfolds On this occasion there is nothing to go by. The DJI Newsroom is empty, all we have been able to decrypt from this latest release is that the voiceover says: “from seemingly insignificant size comes formidable strength and […]

Tello: New Drone Alert from DJI?


‘Say Hello to Tello’… This new £99 ($130) drone from Ryze boasts the ability to perform flying stunts, shoot quick videos with EZ Shots, and learn about drones with coding education. New Drone Alert Yep that last bit caught us unaware too. the ability to add code to your drone. What does that mean? The […]

Drone World Record


It’s a drone world record!   As every drone pilot out there knows, battery life is a constant struggle, but could that be a problem of the past? This is the news that the Spanish drone manufacturer, Quaternium, have recorded the longest flight ever performed by a self powered multi-rotor UAV. The flight was officially recorded on […]

Higher Places – Exmouth


Ever seen a photo on your Instagram feed and thought, what’s the story behind that shot? In this series, ‘Higher Places‘ I chat to aerial photographers and hear from them what made that spot special to them. You’ll get additional insights into what made that photo come to life for the photographer. For the first article, I […]