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Latest Leaked Photos of the DJI Phantom 5

Rumours follow DJI drones faster than the drones themselves. It feels barely any time since both the DJI Phantom 4 and Pro were released, but here we are with the latest leaked photos of the DJI Phantom 5 (apparently).

There has been a lot of speculation around the next iteration, what can we expect – larger sensor or longer battery life? Well, it seems we may have the answer – although the original source of the material eludes me – the photos do look genuine enough.

Update: Source via OsitaLV on Twitter

What’s new?

What do we know from these latest leaked photos of the DJI Phantom 5? The most notable update has to do with the camera itself as opposed to the actual drone.

The last updates we saw to the Phantom’s camera was on the Phantom 4 Pro, when it received an improved sensor and mechanical aperture – a huge deal in photography and filming worlds.

From the latest leaked photos of the DJI Phantom 5, we can clearly see interchangeable lenses! Which on such a small platform would be incredible – changing lens focal lengths on a platform one-third the size of the Inspire range is a big deal for professionals.

Latest Leaked Photos of the DJI Phantom 5


Could this be the first look at a new sensor and 50mm lens for the Phantom 5?


Slightly longer form factor on the lens than we are used to. But can we expect a range of lenses?

Getting Artistic

To accompany the photos are several concepts, specifically focused on the potential updates to the ‘Phantom 5’ camera.



Your Thoughts

What do you think, legitimate updates to the DLI Phantom 5 drone?

Tell us in the comments what else you would like to see on the next DJI drone.

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